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About, own strength repair cottage

Supposably, you was Country house. Served it to you enough long. Here unexpectedly it fails. what to do? In general, about this I you and tell in article.
You may seem, that repair cottages - it elementary it. But this not quite so. Only not stand retreat. Permit this puzzle help persistence and Agility.
For sure my advice you seem unusual, but first sense ask himself: whether it is necessary fix broken cottage? may more correctly will buy new? Me personally seems, sense for a start learn, how money is a new Country house. it make, enough consult with consultant profile shop or just make desired inquiry mail.ru.
If you decided own practice repair, then in the first instance need get info how do fix cottages. For this purpose has meaning use any finder, or browse issues magazines "Skilled master", "Repair own" and etc., or hang out on profile forum.
I think this article help you repair cottage. The next time I will write how fix house or mouse.